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Wild West Fest

July 29th - August 5th

this summer's most anticipated concert

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2022 Performance Schedule

July 29th, 2022
Hunter LaCoste
7:00 PM
Cameron Sacky
8:15 PM
The Damn Quails
9:30 PM
July 30th, 2022
Kayla Ray
5 - 7 PM & 11:45 PM - 2 AM
Kevin Brown
5:00 PM
Cooper Mohrmann & Co.
5:00 PM - Happy Hour
Dedra Knox
5:00 PM - Happy Hour
Austin Meade
7:00 PM
Muscadine Bloodline
8:15 PM
Whiskey Myers
10:00 PM
Midnight River Choir
12:00 AM - After Party
Pony Bradshaw
12:00 AM - After Party
July 31st, 2022
Kin Faux
1:00 PM
August 1st, 2022
Holly Beth
7:00 PM
Graycie York
7:00 PM
August 2nd, 2022
Jade Marie Patek
7:30 PM
Rio Tripiano
8:30 PM
August 3rd, 2022
Tyler Halverson
7:00 PM
Abbey Duncan
7:30 PM
Case Hardin
8:30 PM
August 4th, 2022
Rita Capuchina
5:00 PM - Happy Hour
Jamie Lin Wilson
8:00 PM
Corey Kent
10:00 PM
August 5th, 2022
Charlie Daniels II
5:00 PM
James Manders + Mark David Manders
5:00 PM
Manny Campos
5:00 PM - Happy Hour
Matt Lopez
5:00 PM - Happy Hour
William Beckmann
7:00 PM
Cody Canada and The Departed
8:30 PM
Turnpike Troubadours
10:15 PM
Tanner Usrey
12:00 AM - After Party
Kevin Galloway
12:00 AM - After Party
Sports Next Level
2838 College Hills Blvd, San Angelo, TX 76904
San Angelo River Stage
16 E Ave A, San Angelo, TX 76903
Blaine's Pub
10 W Harris Ave, San Angelo, TX 76903
The Penny Tap House
2412 College Hills Blvd #100, San Angelo, TX 76904
The House of Fifi DuBois
123 S Chadbourne St, San Angelo, TX 76903
Fiddlestrings Bar & Patio
3301 Arden Rd, San Angelo, TX 76901
Twisted Root Burger Co.
123 S Chadbourne St, San Angelo, TX 76903
Miss Hatties Restaurant
26 E Concho Ave, San Angelo, TX 76903
19 Thirty Three Bar
26 E Concho Ave, San Angelo, TX 76903
The Martial Pint
26 E Concho Ave, San Angelo, TX 76903

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what's new for 2022?

Bring Your Own Lawn Chairs

We are now allowing all attendees to bring their own lawn chairs to the River Stage event dates. Additional seating will also be provided.

Food Trucks & Vendors

This year's Wild West Fest will feature local San Angelo food trucks and vendors that you can purchase food & drinks from throughout the event.

New Ticket policies

New for 2022, Wild West Fest will be limiting tickets to 6 tickets per transaction and 2 transactions per credit card (up to 12 tickets).

Wild West Fest Merchandise

This year we will be selling Wild West Fest Merchandise online and at the event for attendees! From t-shirt to bags and even hats - we'll have it all.

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Get pumped Texas country fans! Wild West Fest 2022 is around the corner and we’re going to celebrate with incredible acts like Whiskey Myers, Turnpike Troubadours, Muscadine Bloodline, Austin Meade, and so many more great artists. Find your favorites below and select get tickets to find out about preorders & more (:

july 29th, 2022

  • Hunter LaCoste

  • The Damn Quails

    The Damn Quails proudly have their roots in the Red Dirt music scene of their native Oklahoma. In the decade since releasing Down the Hatch, they have toured the country and beyond, soaking up stage time and adding new depth and substance to their live performances and original material. Go see for yourself.

  • the cameron sacky band

    Shaped in San Marcos, the Cameron Sacky Band delivers an original sound different from any other artists in Texas. Heavy relic’d reverb, a unique voice, and melodies you can’t help but sway to made for that perfect mood anytime. 
 The Cameron Sacky Band’s first EP album was recorded in a small apartment while attending their first semester at Texas State University. Although restricted by money and equipment, the EP made quite a debut. It sparked much interest from listeners of all genres and gained attention from well respected artists in the Texas Music Scene. Now, after one EP and 2 singles, CSB is excited to present their debut album, “Time Only Tells” on April 23, 2021. 
 Out of pure love for Texas music, the Cameron Sacky Band continues to create a sound you surely won’t forget.

july 30th, 2022

  • whiskey myers

    Genre-bending band Whiskey Myers have played more than 2,000 live shows since their emergence in 2007 and have sold out 95% of their headlining shows over the past two years to ever-increasing crowds. USA Today describes the band led by frontman Cody Cannon as “a riff-heavy blend of Southern rock and gritty country that has earned comparisons to the Allman Brothers Band and Led Zeppelin,” with Rolling Stone noting “it’s the seminal combination of twang and crunchy rock & roll guitars that hits a perfect sweet spot.”

  • muscadine bloodline

    Proudly independent and unapologetically Southern, country duo Muscadine Bloodline find their true voice on their upcoming new album, Dispatch to 16th Ave. Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton grew up in Mobile, Alabama, but didn’t cross paths until they each started to pursue their musical dreams. In 2012, they forged a friendship when Stanton opened a show for Muncaster’s band at Soul Kitchen in Mobile. Charlie’s contemporary vocals complimented by Gary’s harmonies and masterful guitar licks showcase a powerfully refreshing mix of talent, passion and unfiltered authenticity. Since naming themselves Muscadine Bloodline in 2015, they’ve had two Billboard-charting critically-acclaimed EP’s, have sold out shows across the country, opened concerts for hundreds of artists and earned a standing ovation at their Grand Ole Opry debut in 2018.

  • austin meade

    Thanks to plainspoken but deep heartland songwriters like Tom Petty, and cutting his teeth touring in the Texas and Oklahoma Red Dirt scene, Meade’s music overflows with wide-open soulfulness. He was a drummer for years, even teaching to pay the bills, but Meade found his true voice when he began playing guitar as a teen in his pastor-father’s church. Those experiences lend both a gravitas an rebelliousness to Meade’s songs and self. Now the frontman of his own band slinging guitar licks with expert precision, his music rolled out with two releases in 2014, his first EP “Long Ways To Go” followed by his first full-length album “Chief Of The Sinners.” 

  • Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown is a blind, jazz saxophonist. With over 40 years of professional experience, Kevin has developed an intense, improvised style of playing. His unique sound is both soothing, and captivating to the listener. Kevin has toured the USA, Canada, Europe, The Hawaiian Islands, and Spain. Being proficient in several styles of music such as jazz, blues, rock, fusion, R n B, funk, classical, and country has allowed Kevin to play in many bands, and groups ranging from his solo performances, to a 40 piece jazz orchestra. Kevin owns and operates his recording studio, Curse Buster Sound. Saxophonist Kevin Brown travels the world playing jazz. And as for many people, music has been Kevin’s companion through the ups and downs of his life. Kevin was born totally blind, but doctors restored some of his vision when he was 6. He fully used his partial sight – even playing football as a kid and teaching himself to play the saxophone. But the day he was hit by a car, Kevin realized the limits of his eyesight. Soon after that, he began to focus more on music.

  • Dedra Knox

  • Cooper Mohrmann & Co.

    Raised in Houston, TX, Cooper developed a love for storytelling at a young age, crediting his father for his inspiration. In songwriting, Cooper discovered a natural way to express his emotions through his slice-of-life lyrics. When asked who his favorite current artists were, he quickly cited Whiskey Myers, Zach Bryan and the Turnpike Troubadours , along with Chris Stapleton & the Randy Rogers Band.

    Cooper has 3 singles scheduled for release in early 2022, including fan favorites “Back in Corona Time” & “Where Are You Darlin”. Get to know Cooper on Instagram and be sure to keep an eye out for Cooper’s next single in February!

  • pony bradshaw

    Bradshaw was born a nomad, traveling in his blood. He’s settled in North Georgia now, but spent his formative years in East Texas, up until he joined the military shortly after high school. The Air Force took him to Colorado for a spell but ended up giving him the boot. Wires got crossed. Youth prevailed and he moved back to Texas with the kind of experience that can’t be bought, a duffel bag full of BDUs, and a head teeming with stories and new perspectives. A lot of aimless wandering ensued before he arrived in Georgia. Bradshaw’s most recent record, Calico Jim (1/29/21), was released via Black Mountain Music, a small independent label out of Greensboro, NC, and recorded in Little Rock, AR, at Fellowship Hall Sound. After signing with Rounder Records in 2018, and putting out Sudden Opera, his debut record, he decided to part ways with the historic label to have more control.

  • Midnight River Choir

    The formation of Midnight River Choir was nothing short of a force of nature that now translates seamlessly during their live shows. This band needs no labels or comparisons. Their music speaks volumes about who and what they are. Their lives have been woven together by a strong thread of energy both on and off stage. That energy is raw and natural and soaked up from the earth through their bare feet. They believe that what you get is what you give and they give everything they have to their crowds. When that kind of energy lands back at the feet of the boys it is something of supreme intensity. And no one ever forgets it.

  • Kayla Ray

    Waco, Texas born singer-songwriter Kayla Ray wipes clean the dust of nostalgia and can bring even the hardest heart to a place of reflection and understanding. All this while remaining feverishly reverent to the roots of country music, greeting current day affairs head on, and chasing whiskey shots with the rowdiest banter one can muster.

July 31st, 2022

  • Kin Faux

    Based out of San Antonio, Texas, Kin Faux is a nationally touring, high energy Texas/Red Dirt Country band whose more obvious influences, along the lines of Charlie Daniels, Alabama and Restless Heart, show strongly through virtuosic fiddle and strong vocal harmonies. Their more eclectic influences come though via poignant, blistering guitar work and a thundering, solid rhythm section. The boys quickly established themselves as an extremely entertaining act to see and garnered significant attention following the release of their self-titled EP in 2018. Hard-working, driven and not afraid of logging road miles, Kin Faux embarked on a series of tours around the Midwest and, ultimately, Texas. It was here that they began to feel the pull of the thriving and vibrant music scene and the decision to uproot and relocate to San Antonio took less than two minutes. Texas embraced Kin Faux as readily as Kin Faux embraced Texas. The boys have not only played at, but have become regular live fixtures at some of the most iconic venues, dance halls and honkytonks the Lone Star State has to offer. Kin Faux’s name can be seen on flyers and marquees at John T Floore’s Country Store, Gruene Hall and Luckenbach, and can easily be found sharing a bill with the likes of Kevin Fowler, Rick Treviño, Roger Creager and Neal McCoy. They still tour incessantly, so don’t be surprised if you see them on a marquee in your town.

August 1st, 2022

  • Holly Beth

    Nearly two years ago Holly Beth left Oklahoma with an open heart and an eager mind for what the future had in store for her. A moment she had been talking about since she was a kid; she was finally moving to Texas. Over the next two years Beth would do things she never imagined she would do, and it’s just the beginning. With a total of over 1 million streams on just Spotify alone, Holly Beth is on the path to something huge. She is already breaking records such as being the first ever female to be the cover of Spotify’s ‘Texas Music Now” playlist and being the first female to break 100,000 streams on their debut single in the Texas Music Scene. Beth just released her newest single “On My Mind” at the end of March. A debut album is to be released by the end of 2021. 

  • Graycie York

    Born and raised in Rockwall, Texas, Texas Country Singer/Songwriter Graycie York always knew she wanted to sing. From the time she was 2 years old singing Rascal Flatts in the backseat, to now, singing on stages every weekend…she always knew.  When she was 12 she was gifted her first guitar from her grandparents and shortly after, taught herself to play it. For a while she was only singing at home or in talent shows and you would only ever find her pickin’ a guitar or playing piano. It wasn’t until she took a trip with her dad to Nashville, TN in 2018 where she fell in love with songwriting and her love for country music grew 100x bigger. Shortly after that trip, she found her style of songwriting and the Texas Country scene. A few of Graycie’s musical inspirations include… Patsy Cline, Adele, Kaitlin Butts, Miranda Lambert, and Chris Stapleton but the list could go on for a while. She wrote her song ’Patsy Kind Of Night’ in April of 2019, and then released it as her first single on March 5th, 2020. She then released her second single ‘Forever’ 2 months later. Her debut EP ‘Words To Say’ is available everywhere now.

August 2nd, 2022


    Pulling her musical inspirations from Southern Rock, Country and Blues; Jade Marie Patek brings a soulful, powerful sound to the Texas Music Scene. After the release of her debut EP “Fly Bird” in 2018, Jade was named the Texas Regional Radio New Female Vocalist of the Year. Fall of 2019, Jade released a compilation of cover tracks she deemed her “soul sessions” including cuts made famous by Janis Joplin, The Allman Brothers and Jonathan Tyler. The evolution of her sound has continued with the release of her newest single “Dancing with the Devil” an original blend of country soul and southern rock which features Courtney Patton and Dustin Schaefer. Her haunting rendition of “Dead Man” was featured on The MusicFest’s “The Years” Cody Canada Tribute Album in January of 2020. Jade has become a staple at many historic Texas Dnce Halls and is a crowd favorite at festivals nationwide including MusicFest at Steamboat, Gordy’s HWY30 MusicFest, and Rio Frio Fest. Jade has been added to playlist’s curated by Spotify (New Music Nashville and Texas Music Now) and Apple’s Musics Don’t Mess with Texas. Jade has been featured in articles by Music Mecca, Americanaville (Scotland), York Calling (UK), and Next Women of Country. She is a member of The Americana Music Association, TRRMA, Texas Country Music Association, BMI and Sequestered Songwriters.

August 3rd, 2022

  • Tyler Halverson

    Western Amerijuana Music. Thanks for listening.

  • Case Hardin

    Case Hardin, a native son of San Angelo, Texas, grew up with a ranching and rodeo background while developing a love for traditional and neo-traditional country music. Case began his music career his senior year of high school in 2013, and hasn’t looked back since his American Idol debut that same year. Backed by his band, their influences are very recognizable in the way that they play, from traditional honky-tonk music, to more progressive Texas music. To add to his accomplishments, Case has already won various awards and competitions including West Texas Songwriter’s, TCMA New Male Vocalist, State FFA, SXSO, and many others. His debut single, “Sign of a Fool,” easily broke into the top 20 at #18 on the Texas Country Charts; unheard of for any debut artist’s debut single. To add to this, his second radio single, “Deep Blue Me,” climbed to the top spot and broke into the top 10 hitting #6 on the Texas Country Charts. Case’s last two radio singles “Old Stomping Grounds” (#2), and “Texas Rain” (#2 song for all of 2018), have earned him consecutive top five hits on radio and songs of the year for Texas radio. The newest album from Case Hardin entitled “Lucky Him” will be available in 2022, and includes many anticipated radio singles–including the most recent 2021 single “Alcohol Abuse”, which was his first multi-week #1 across the Texas Country Music charts.

  • abbey duncan

    As a full time Texas Tech University student, Abbey has immersed herself in the Lubbock music scene, which has raised up some of the best in the business! With live shows at key venues like the Blue Light Live, both live and recorded radio exposure, festivals like San Angelo’s Wild West Fest, and the unforgettable experience of opening the 2021 Josh Abbott Band music festival JABFEST, Abbey has gained a solid audience. Abbey’s love of classic country, Americana and rock gives authenticity to her unique sound. Growing up in the Austin area exposed her to many genres and artists that shaped her love of all music. Her musical influences are broad and include a wide spectrum from Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton to Ryan Adams, Kacey Musgraves, John Mayer, and so many others! Her music has garnered attention, and many in the industry have said they cannot wait to hear more! Abbey co-writes most projects with her mom Melissa, including fan favorites Chasing a Cowboy, It Won’t Be Tonight, Kissing You Goodbye, and Picking Up. She has showcased several of these as a semi-finalist in a statewide songwriting contest, along with appearing on a compilation album benefitting COVID relief for Blue Light Lubbock staff with other great Texas artists. Abbey’s been featured on several live radio shows including Texas FM Live at Cook’s Garage and Red Dirt Rebel 105.7, as well as joined in song swaps with other talented performers whenever she could. Be on the lookout for new music from Abbey soon!

August 4th, 2022

  • Rita Capuchina

    Rita Capuchina is a multi-genre Artist based out of San Angelo, Tx with sounds ranging from blues, country, southern rock, R&B, classic rock & latin.

  • Jamie Lin Wilson

    Touring songwriter // Mother of Four, Raiser of Hell. ⚡️

  • Corey Kent - Blaines Pub

    The three places Corey Kent has spent most of his life: Bixby, Oklahoma, Nashville, Tennessee, and Dallas, Texas. With the small-town charm of Bixby in his lyrics, the big-city energy of Dallas in his live set, and the power of Nashville in his vocals, Corey’s artistry bridges the gap of Red Dirt, Nashville, and Texas. In 2021, Corey is currently out on the road playing shows with Parker McCollum, Randy Rogers, Kolby Cooper, and Eli Young Band, to name a few.

august 5th, 2022

  • Turnpike Troubadours

    A gritty, country-leaning roots rock band out of eastern Oklahoma, Turnpike Troubadours at their best synthesize the populist, political folk of Woody Guthrie and the outlaw-styled honky tonk of Waylon Jennings with doses of bluegrass, Cajun, and straight-out rock dynamics. Fronted by singer and guitarist Evan Felker and including bassist R.C. Edwards, fiddler Kyle Nix, guitarist Ryan Engleman, and drummer Gabe Pearson, the group celebrates and explores modern rural life with a full awareness of history, delicately avoiding being ornate revivalists. A debut album, the self-released Bossier City, appeared in 2007. The follow-up, Diamonds & Gasoline, was produced by veteran songwriter Mike McClure and released in 2010. Goodbye Normal Street, their 2012 album, became their first to appear on Billboard’s country chart, peaking at 14. Three years later, they released their fourth album, The Turnpike Troubadours, and watched it debut at number three on the Billboard country chart, a sign that the band’s fan base was expanding. 2017 saw the release of the group’s highly anticipated fifth studio long-player, A Long Way from Your Heart

  • Cody Canada & The Departed

    Cody was the frontman of Cross Canadian Ragweed, and now leads his high energy 3 piece, The Departed.
  • william beckmann

    Born and raised in the small border town of Del Rio, TX, William Beckmann spent his formative years with a radio dial dominated by the sounds of northern Mexico. Though he’d eventually gravitate more towards classic country and American roots, Beckmann’s early immersion in mariachi and Norteño music left an indelible mark, one that would help shape his distinctive style and guide him on his path to becoming one of the most promising young voices in country music today. 

  • Charlie Daniels II

  • James Manders & Mark David Manders

  • Tanner Usrey

    Prosper Texas born-and-bred singer and songwriter Tanner Usrey has been earning a name for himself in the music industry since 2013 with his soulful southern style. Originally, Usrey performed with his brother and later kicked off his solo career in 2017. Releasing his first EP, “Medicine Man,” in 2019, Usrey has cultivated a fast-growing audience with over 20 million streams and counting. Usrey has been on an upward trajectory opening for notable artists such as Ward Davis and Lucero. Most recently, Usrey was named Peacemaker Festivals first Emerging Artist and recorded a 5-track EP titled “SOL Sessions” with SOL Studios.

  • Matt Lopez

    Matt’s songs are a collection of short stories, poems and toe tapping tunes. His music spans multiple music genres and is rooted in real life.

July 16th, 2022 | Quicksand Golf Course | Starting At 8 am

2022 Wild West Fest Golf Tournament

Tournament Information

Flighted teams are made up of four players. Handicap for teams is the average of your four players. Flights subject to change depending on player handicap entries and will be broken down by average player handicap. Breakfast, lunch, range balls, green fees, cart rentals, and complimentary beverages are provided.

Prize Payout information

Payouts are based on full field. 

what's not allowed, things to remember, & more

frequently asked questions

  • Personal Chairs - please see Chair Policy for when/where chairs are allowed
  • Strollers (Umbrella strollers not allowed)
  • Clear Empty Water Bottles / Empty Camel Backs
  • Sunscreen
  • Bags - please see Bag Policy below for allowed types/sizes

NO Backpacks, large purses, or bags allowed EXCEPT for:

  • YES  Small Clutch bags (up to 10” x 6”)
  • YES  Fanny Packs/Waist Packs (up to 10” x 6”)
  • YES  One Gallon Clear Zip-Top bag
  • YES  Drawstring or Clear backpacks with one additional pocket
  • YES Hydration packs with one additional pocket i.e. CamelBaks (bladder must be empty upon entry)

  • Large/Beach/Porch Umbrellas
  • Large Bags, Purses, Backpacks (see bag policy above)
  • Oversized Large Blankets
  • Chairs (Friday, 8/5 Only)
  • Pets (Service Dogs Allowed)
  • Outside Food Or Drinks
  • Coolers
  • Professional Cameras / Recording Equipment
  • Guns/Knives/Weapons Of ANY Kind
  • Glass
  • Alcohol
  • Flasks
  • Illegal Substances
  • Drones Or Any Remote Flying Devices
  • Fireworks
  • No Smoking
  • Laptop Computers
  • Skateboards/Scooters
  • Tents
  • Vending Materials / Unauthorized Flyers
  • Lasers Or Pointers
  • Bad Attitudes

Yes, if the event does not sell out before. All VIP must be purchased in advance.

Wild West Fest is an all ages event.

Wild West Fest is a rain or shine event; No refunds will be issued should inclement weather occur.  If there is a possibility that weather conditions are dangerous, some performances may be paused or canceled. This is up to the discretion of Wild West Fest Safety Management, the City Of San Angelo and Artist Management.  Wild West Fest makes every effort to limit delays and cancellations.  Texas weather changes quickly and the safety of our guests is our primary concern.  Please be prepared for any weather.

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